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    How to Sell a Rolex Watch in Denver, CO

    Selling a used Rolex watch can be daunting, especially if you are not able to find “Rolex buyers near me” through traditional methods. There’s no limit to buyers looking to purchase Rolex watches. Given the vast number of sellers within the marketplace, it can be overwhelming to pinpoint the perfect Rolex watch buyer. Ultimately, you want to be comfortable with the entire process of selling your luxury watch. You want to have confidence that you found your perfect match when it comes to selling your designer timepiece. This means that it is essential to find the right Rolex buyer for your needs.

    3 questions to ask before selecting a Rolex

    What is my Rolex worth?

    Am I getting the highest value from my Rolex buyer for my watch?

    Do I trust my Rolex purchaser?

    Perhaps the most obvious starting place is understanding what your Rolex is worth even before you start searching for Rolex buyers near me. In order to know if an offer is fair, you need to know what your watch is worth on the secondary market.

    As market conditions change, so does the pre-owned value of Rolex watches. In 2021, the pre-owned value of Rolex watches has hit an all-time high

    What Is My Pre-Owned Rolex Worth?

    Like any luxury item, there are a number of factors that affect your Rolex’s value on the secondary market. The value of most used watches is independent of their original or current MSRP.

    Instead, the preowned Rolex market is driven solely by the market factors of supply and demand. In many cases, a watch may be worth more than what the original purchaser paid for the item. For example, if you have a used stainless steel Submariner, GMT-Master II, or Daytona, we can often pay you substantially more than what your watch originally retailed for. This can be attributed to a relative shortage of these styles, and an overwhelming demand for Rolex sport models. Many older Rolex models actually appreciate in value over time, depending on the watch’s condition, as the supply of older models is frequently more limited compared to newer models.

    My Pre-Owned
    Rolex Worth?

    Alternatively, many dress and diamond Rolex models, precious metal watches, and outdated ladies’ styles are worth less than the watch’s original purchase price. This discrepancy is due to market supply and demand. Since there are fewer active buyers typically searching for these styles, but more sellers seeking to sell them, in most cases these watches do not hold their value as consistently as the sport models.

    As a general rule, all steel and two-tone watches have the best value retention and appreciation. In contrast, solid gold models tend to have lower value retention. White gold models often have the lowest levels of appreciation.

    It is important to note that there are exceptions to each of these rules. Certain solid gold Rolex watches like the Day-Date 41mm have been appreciating in value. The best and only way to know the current market value of your gold or diamond Rolex watch is to contact a Rolex expert with the specific details of your model. However, our Rolex calculator can provide you with a quick estimate of your Rolex’s liquid value on the secondary market.

    How Do Diamonds Affect The Value Of My Rolex?

    Generally, the application of diamonds to a Rolex diamond watch will not increase its current market value. Regardless of if the diamonds are original Rolex factory-applied or aftermarket, (i.e., applied by a non-authorized Rolex supplier) these additions do not increase a Rolex’s worth compared to the watches’ purchase cost.

    Adding aftermarket diamond dials or bezels to your Rolex, actually often has a negative effect on the current value of a Rolex. The addition of these diamonds means that these watches will differ from the factory models. Consequently, some Rolex watch buyers may be more skeptical about the authenticity of a Rolex with aftermarket diamonds. Additionally, the application of aftermarket diamonds is often inconsistent in quality, and precision. This variance further prevents the treatment from having a reliable effect on pre-owned watch values.

    Even factory-added diamond applications added by Rolex may not have a positive effect on a watch’s resale value. Rolex charges a premium for diamond dial and bezel application. This high additional cost does not fully translate to the secondhand market.

    This does not translate to all diamond and gemstone applications – certain Rolex watches with factory diamonds and gemstones can sell far over their original list price. For example, there is a strong demand for the 18kt rose gold Rolex Daytona with a rainbow sapphire bezel that has driven up its value notably.

    Other Factors that Affect a Rolex Watch’s Value

    Even insignificant factors can have a profound impact on the amount Rolex watch buyers can pay for your used Rolex. Many manufacturers make replacement bracelets for Rolex watches. Rolex watch bracelets can become stretched over time due to daily wear. As a result, many Rolex owners will get their bracelets replaced without a second thought. While aftermarket bracelets present initial cost savings when replacing the bracelet, they have a detrimental effect on a watch’s secondary market value, as the entire bracelet is considered non-genuine.

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