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Jewelry & Coin Banc offers it clients the lowest interest rates on its loans with the highest Loan to Value Ration for clients looking to leverage their luxury assets such as precious metals, Jewelry, Rare Coins, paper money, luxury watch or other high-end items. By providing transparent markets we insure our clients that they are getting the strongest offer. If you are considering getting a collateralized loan on your valuables contact us to see how we can help.

Our precious metal and jewelry experts provide loans on the following items:

How to get a collateralized loan on my Rolex watch

Jewelry & Coin Banc offers clients the option to get a loan on their precious metals, Rolex Watches, Jewelry, Rare Coins, paper money, high-end watch or other luxury items. We offer industry low interest rates while also providing a fair loan to value ratio. By providing transparent markets we ensure our clients that they are getting the best loan offer available. If you are considering using your valuables for obtaining a collateralized loan against them, contact us to see how we can help.



Email or text us information on the items you are looking to sell or get a collateral loan on. Once received, our tem of expert buyers will contact you with an initial quote.


After receiving your initial offer we will either meet in our walk in office or finalize the offer through our Mail-In Service Program. Contact for details on this quick and easy process.


Once items have been physically evaluated, we will contact you with our official offer and arrange for payment via wire transfer or check. If for any reason you are not happy with our offer we will quickly and securely ship your item back to you

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We buy and offer collateral loans on gold & silver bullion, rare coins, paper money, diamonds, high-end watches and other precious metals

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Collateral loan on a Rolex Watch