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Precious Metal Loans as Low as 3%: Pawn Your Gold Coins in Denver, Colorado

Not Looking to Sell Your Rare Coins?

If you’re searching for options beyond selling, you might wonder:

Where Can I Get a Hard Asset Loan on My Rare Coins?

We specialize in offering hard asset loans on Rare Coins and Numismatic Coins. If you need some short-term funds for your coin collection, give us a call today. We lend on individual coins, entire collections, and everything in-between. Call us at 303-325-3076.

Why Choose Us for a Hard Asset Loan on Precious Metal and Coins?

We understand the value and the intricacies of rare and numismatic coins. We’ll handle your collection with the utmost care, ensuring that the value is preserved. Unlike traditional pawn shops, we specialize in coins, allowing us to offer the best loan value for your items. Contact us at 303-325-3076 for more details.

If you’re in the Denver area and looking to get a loan on your precious metals or numismatic coins, you’re in the right place. Our loan rates start as low as 3%, making us the premier choice for precious metal loans in Denver.

Denver’s Top Choice for Loans on Gold Coins

We’re not your typical pawn shop. We specialize in Jewelry, Gold, Coins, and other high-end items. To find out how much you can get on a loan, give us a call at 303-325-3076 or reach us through our website.

Additional Resources

For more information on coins and coin collecting, visit the American Numismatic Association.

For minted coins from the United States, you can check out the U.S. Mint.

If you’re seeking an online valuation for your precious metals or coins, don’t hesitate to check out this excellent service from Jewelry and Coin Banc. They offer free quotes and you can easily find out the value of your treasures.

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