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If you are in the Erie, Colorado area and looking for the best pawn shop for Rare Coin Loans, Jewelry Loans, Diamond Loan, Gold loans, Silver Loans, Coin Loans, High-End Watch Loans, and other High-End Items.  Jewelry & Coin Banc has the lowest rates and are experts in rare coins, precious metals, jewelry, diamonds, and high-end watches.

Our loan rates for pawn loans over $500 are 5 percent and lower. Before overpaying for the same cash, give us a call to see how we can offer you more on a loan for less interest, saving you money. Our interest rate is 5% per month and lower compared with our competition at 10%-20%. That means often you save 50% or more on your interest payments each month so you can get your items back quicker.

Jewelry & Coin Banc offers Gold collateralized loans, Silver Collateralized loans, Rare Coin Collateralized loans, Jewelry Collateralized loans, High-End Watch Collateralized loans, Diamond Collateralized loans, and loans against autos and RVs.

Call Us Today to Discuss our pawn loans and collateralized loans.


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Compare Our Loan Rates To Our Competition. Remember, while most pawn shops in Erie, Colorado charge 10%-20% interest every month, Jewelry & Coin Banc charges just 5% and less for loans over $500.

Personal Visit To Our Shop

In many cases, we will arrange to meet at our walk-in office by appointment. Call or Email to schedule a time.

Insured Mail-In Service

It’s not always possible for some of our customers to visit our walk-in office, for these situations we have our insured mail-in service. Some loans are too small to warrant a visit, or in other cases, the travel expense is prohibitive.

It is now easy to ship your valuables directly to our office, fully insured (at our expense), and our lenders will appraise your material. Immediate payment is customary, and if you decide not to sell or get a loan, we will return your items at our expense.

Erie, Colorado: A Glimpse into Its Mining Past

Curious about the history of Erie, Colorado? Let’s delve into some intriguing tales from its coal mining days to its unexpected connection with coins.

History of the Name

Erie’s name traces back to Reverend Richard Van Valkenburg’s hometown – Erie, Pennsylvania. He was a significant figure, known for his preaching in the coal towns there. For more on this connection, explore Erie’s naming history.

Coal Mining and Labor Movements

In 1871, Erie took a pivotal step in its history when John B. McCool received the first coal mining patent. Remarkably, this document bore the signature of President U.S. Grant. To understand Erie’s coal influence, discover its expansive coal trade network.

Erie was also the birthplace of Colorado’s first mining union – the Knights of Labor. Established in 1878, this union became notable, especially after their 1885 strike. Interested in labor movements and mining unions? Learn about the Knights of Labor’s impact.

Coins So Good, They Got Canceled!

On the coin front, Erie was home to the Erie Minting Company. This company minted coins featuring Erie landmarks, providing a tangible connection to the town’s heritage. However, a twist in their tale came in 1907, when the U.S. Secret Service intervened. For a dive into this coin saga, unravel the Erie Minting Company’s history.

This brief journey offers just a taste of Erie’s rich past. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply curious about Erie, these tales and links offer valuable insights into a town shaped by mining and resilience.

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