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Looking for some quick cash? A pawn loan using jewelry as collateral might be a good short term solution.

Quick Guide to Pawning Rare Earth Metal Jewelry

Wondering how to determine the value of your jewelry before pawning? Follow these easy steps!

1. Precious Metal Values

  • Visit our website to see current metal values.
  • Sort your jewelry by metal type and purity (e.g., 14kt gold, .999 silver).
  • Weigh the metals, deducting non-precious parts.
  • Pawn shops typically offer 50%-80% of the metal value.

2. Diamond & Stone Value

  • Diamonds are priced based on the 4 C’s: Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color.
  • If you have certification for your diamonds, it’ll help determine value.
  • Without paperwork? Consult a jeweler or pawn shop for an estimate.

3. Total Value

  • Add up the values of metals and stones.
  • Expect pawn shops to offer 50%-80% of the total as a loan or purchase price.

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