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  How To Get The Most Money For Your Diamond Ring In Denver

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First find out the center stone value.
Most of the time your average engagement ring will have a larger center stone and that is where most of the value of the ring will be. For this blog we are going to discuss how to get the most money for the center diamond by figuring out the four C’s and how the diamonds are priced of them.

The Carat size the the weight of the diamond. This is determined my putting the diamond on a scale. Usually diamonds smaller then .25-.35Ct will not have much wholesale value of more then $100-$200. Once you start getting into larger stones the price will flucuate more depending on the other three
remaining “C”s (Cut, Clarity, Color).

The Cut is the shape of the diamond. Some example of popular cuts(shapes) are rounds, Oval, Princess, Cushion, Asscher) Cut will be a key factor in determining the value as of the diamond. All this considered the round is usually the most expensive of the cuts.

The Clarity of the diamond is the level of imperfection or inclusions in a diamond. The diamond grade for clarity range from flawless to I3 and is determined on how large the imperfection or inclusion are in
the diamond.

The Color of the diamond refers to the level colorlessness the diamond has. The color scale ranges from D(colorless) to Z being very yellow.
Once you have the four “C” figured out you can start to narrow down the approximate wholesale value of your diamond. Most dealers go off the price sheet called the rapport. Although this is not available to the general public most jewelry stores will have it. If you ask a local jewelry shop they might be helpful to you. Another good tool is to look at prices of similar stones on the internet through online diamond dealers. Although this will only give you a retail price for a similar stone it will at least give you a starting point.

Always go with a reputable dealer.

For more information you can visit the official GIA website.